Donald Trump Offers President Obama $5M For….

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I’m not sure how I should feel about this. Real Estate mogul, Donald Trump, you know, the one with the jacked up hair and fat bank account, made a big to-do yesterday via twitter that he had a big announcement to make at 12noon est. News he toted as supposed to be damaging to President Barack Obama.

The world sat on the edge of their seat and shifted the lunch breaks at work around noon to watch his big announcement. ¬†Trump dropped a pseudo-charitable and obviously challenging video via twitter yesterday that held his big announcement: CHALLENGING President Obama to release his college application and records as well as his pass port application and in return, within one hour of doing so, he’d write a check for any Chicago charity of the President’s choice for a whopping $5M.

Trump stated President Obama was the least transparent President the United States has had and challenged him to release these details to make the American public happy and become more transparent.

Now, on one hand, if you’re gonna write the President a check to release records, and the check is to the tune of 5 milli, then I can dig that, but there was something about the TONE Donald used…something about that ‘we got him now’ tone that rubbed me the wrong way–even if the tone was attached to a plush check. Watch the video for yourself and see what you think. I have yet to hear the Presidents response to this challenge. He has until October 31st at 5pm to make a decision.




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