Facebook Acquires Instagram For $1B

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That darn Mark Zuckerberg is a smart little whipper snapper. It’s no secret that photo hosting is one of the main things that  keeps Facebook so fresh and ahead of the other social media sites. In fact, about 250 million photos are uploaded worldwide DAILY. I suppose it only made sense that the social media giant acquired the reigning photo-friendly program, Instagram, bring it under it’s big blue umbrella, and then continue to take over the world.

Though only two years old, Instagram, which began as an iPhone only, but has now expanded to the android market and has taken over the smart phone world–allowing its users to add super cool filters to their every day snap shops, turning them from menial captures to frame-worthy pieces of internet art. When Instagram recently was released to the Android market it landed over a million downloads in one day!

The deal, announced two days ago, still has some finalizing to be done, but is pretty much sealed. Interesting to see how Facebook integrates Instagram into its network. Details to follow.



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