Meagan Good Discusses Her Faith, Love, and Future Career

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By now you’re probably aware that talented actress, Meagan Good, is engaged to a preaching man, DeVon Franklin, who also works as a film executive. It took the world by surprise, knowing that the beautiful and often sexually type-cast Good was set to marry a preacher; however, Meagan wants to make it known that she too, is a Believer, who’s on a journey of righteousness as well.

The actress, who covers this months, Rolling Out magazine, shares her thoughts on her fiance:

I’m also happy that I found someone who understands what I do for a living, and wants to use that as a tool to help glorify God. It’s really nice … and I’m so very happy.”

When asked if she and DeVon’s projects will focus on the mainstream or the Christian market, Good says:

“It will be both. You can’t just make projects for the Christian community, because I think they already have the right idea. They’re going to be OK … We will still make movies for them, but we also have to create projects for those people who need something positive and relatable without being very preachy. The key is to pull them in, and then add a hint of spirituality and God to the overall message without scaring them away.”

She’s very well aware of others perceptions about her. Rolling Out asked if she thought marriage would change the public’s perspective of her:

“People do have a perception of me, but as long as I continue on this path, I think that their opinions will fall into line with where they need to be. It’s interesting that I said months ago that I know that the next man that I get into a serious relationship [with] is going to be my husband. I also said that, from here on out I am going to be completely celibate and people laughed at me. They said, “yeah right, she can’t do that … who is she trying to fool?” So it was hurtful that so many people mocked me, based on opinions of people that have never met me a day in their life because they didn’t believe that’s who I really was. So I do think that the evolution in my life will change people’s opinions of me … but even if it doesn’t, I’m OK with that. I don’t live for them; I live for God, and for the people that God has placed in my life. Everything else is just a [distraction], and I’m not going to be distracted.”

You can catch more in the May issue of Rolling Out magazine. You can also see Meagan’s latest work in the blockbuster film, Think Like a Man, in theaters now.




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