Nathan Sawaya the Lego Artist – His Sculptures and Tour Info

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Nathan Sawaya is a bonafide artist.  No, he doesn’t use precious metals, oil on canvas, or blown glass to make his precious creations, but rather, the building genius has chosen to make a name for him self by creating art out of LEGO®  building blocks. Yes, the same LEGO®‘s you played with and always lost as a child!  His work is arguably just as great as his fine art contemporaries and its likely a lot more entertaining as well.

Sawaya has used over 1.5milion multi-colored blocks to create various forms that express various aspects of life.  Most of the sculpture reside in his New York Studio, that is, when they’re not out on the road on tour.  Like mini-rock stars, Sawaya’s art has been heralded by aficionado’s across the country during the ‘Art of the Brick‘ tour currently sweeping museums across North America.

As a full time freelance artist, Sawaya accepts commissions from individuals, corporations, or practically anyone who has a god idea. A brotha has to eat and pay bills! He also does custom work for events, photo shoots, and conventions.  You can learn more about what all Sawaya has to offer and to discover where the tour is or will be click HERE.

In the mean time, check out these sculptures from his killer collection below:



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