Places You Need To Visit: Hong Kong

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It’s one of my favorite places to travel to in the Orient.  It holds fast to its Asian culture and work ethic without ignoring the influence and (hopefully positive) impact of the west. It’s Hong Kong; a magical land that rest just south of main land China–seperate, but equal in nature.  This region, which honors English and Cantonese as its national languages, is full of vibrant energy, very reminiscent of New York City. I often call HK, NYC x 20!  It’s a major metropolis with a million different modes of transportation: bus, car, taxi, boat, trolly, subway, etc to get you from the Kowloon side of the island over to the Hong Kong Island portion of the region.  A bay seperates the two, but its only a quick ride to go between each.

The Asian culture is one that believes in hard work, but they also believe in playing hard. HK can easily be seen as the city that never sleeps! Ever.

Every night there is a light show that dances across the bay and bounces off of the buildings creating a rather cosmic experience for visitors and residents alike.

It is a tight squeeze for all its 6.9 million residents and thats why everything is built upwards.  All houses, apts, hotels, all point to the sky as to occupy as lest land mass and as much towering as possible.  You can also see Mickey here at Disney Land Asia.

Shopping is grand as they have some of the most magical consumer products, whether it be fashion or its every futuristic electronic world!

Learn more about the logistics of Hong Kong HERE. It’s a place you must visit–sooner, rather than later.





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