Simone Rocha Brogue Style Shoe With Glass Heel (Hot or Not)

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A brogue is a pretty classic shoe. We’ve seen them before. A brogue with a heel–we’ve even seen that before.  Now, a brogue with a glass heel….that right there is totally different (in my Tamar Braxton voice).

Fashion-forward designer Simone Rocha debuted a quirky new glassed slipper recently worn by up and coming pop sensation, Rita Ora who was spotted rocking the daring kicks outside of BBC Radio One in London.

Last year, Simone, the 25-year-old UK sensation, debuted her first shoe line at London’s Fashion week; showcasing the leather and pony-skin oxford with a glass wedge that makes the wearer appear to be walking on their tippy toes.

What’s your thoughts on the kicks?



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