Smith Drops Freestyle Dance Video

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When I was younger I used to be a mean dancer–doing my lil diddy in the basement at the neighborhood house parties.  I was a quick learner and could easily choreograph a quick multiple 8 count in a heart beat.  Well, as time went on, and I got a lil older (im 31 now) my agility simmered down drastically, LOL. Now, I use dance as a means of stress relief and as a form of cardio.

The other night I decided to record a quick video of me dancing in (don’t judge me) my kitchen. I combined that and merged with with some video footage I have from over seas and created a crafty little dance video I wanted to share with you all.



MUSIC::Kanye West Producing Music For.....Kim Kardashian (?)
FASHION::Throwback Fashion--MCM
MUSIC::Season's Greetings (Song) From Dawn Richard (Dirty Money/Danity Kane)
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